How to Make Crispy Rice Recipe: 6 Simple Steps to Making Crispy rice

Rice is a very versatile grain and can be made in many different ways.

One of the simplest ways is to make rice with rice meal instead of rice flour.

Rice flour is much more economical and is easier to store.

This is also one of the easiest ways to make a crisp rice.

Rice is also easy to store and can even be stored in the refrigerator.

It is also a very good source of protein, especially if you add a pinch of salt to it.

I like to cook my rice with my husband’s favorite seasoning, chili powder, so I have been adding that to it when making this rice.

Here are 6 simple steps to making crisp rice recipe: 1.

Place rice flour in a large bowl and mix well.

You will need about 1 1/2 cups of flour.


Combine your spices in a small bowl.

Mix in the spices and your rice flour mixture.


Mix together all of the ingredients in a big bowl.

Add the rice mixture to the rice flour and mix again.


When you are ready to cook your rice, take a small ladle or spatula and add a little bit of rice.

You want to make sure that the rice is evenly coated with the rice and that the bottom of the rice bowl is completely covered.

If it is not, add more rice.


Once you are finished cooking your rice and are ready for dinner, scoop the rice out of the bowl and sprinkle it with chili powder.



Recipe Notes You can also use rice meal as a substitute for rice.

If you do, I highly recommend using the salt in place of chili powder as it helps to keep the rice from sticking to your spoon.

This can be a great option if you want to use a lighter rice.

This recipe is a good idea for anyone who is allergic to salt.

It does not contain the sodium or gluten, so you can eat it without worrying about any health concerns.

The rice flour can be cooked in the microwave if you are looking to save a little money.

Recipe Notes I am not a huge fan of adding chili powder to rice flour because it makes the rice taste like chili powder and makes it taste less savory.

However, if you do add it to your rice recipe, just add a tiny bit of chili, just a little at a time.

This will help it to become a little more flavorful and will keep it from becoming clumpy.

I love that this rice is also gluten-free.

I did not add any soy to this rice recipe because soy is not a traditional ingredient in rice.

However if you don’t have soy, you can use any other non-dairy dairy-free dairy-based protein, such as tofu, goat’s milk, or even almond butter.

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