When a giant is coming to town: What you need to know about the Rio Olympics

In the early 1980s, the Olympic Games were about a handful of athletes and their friends from around the world competing in a series of sports for the chance to win a prize, gold medal or a few thousand dollars.

At that time, the Games were mostly about athletes and spectators, with the biggest events of the Games being the Olympics in Athens and the games in Rome.

The Games also featured an international television coverage, with a wide range of sporting events being televised from around Europe.

In the early 1990s, however, the Olympics were shifted to a bigger and more global setting, with more athletes competing in the Games and the Games in Rio becoming an international event.

This shifted the focus from sports and the Olympics to the world economy, with athletes competing on the international stage in the Olympics and in international events at home.

This shift in focus has meant that the Olympics have lost a lot of their original appeal, with many spectators and spectators still choosing to see their sporting events in the larger context of the global economy.

With the Olympics now shifting focus to the global arena, it is vital that we understand the different kinds of Olympic events that are being staged at the Rio Games and what they mean for our economy.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most significant sporting events that will take place during the Games, and how those events will affect the way we all live and work in the years ahead.1.

The Olympics will be the most global event everThe Games are the largest international sporting event ever, with events such as the Rugby World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and a number of other international competitions taking place at the venues that will host the Olympics.

But in order to have the most impact, events such in the Rio Olympic Games have to be a part of the overall economy of the world.

This is why the Games are also a global event.2.

Games events will be part of global economic growthThe Olympics are not just an event for the athletes and sports fans.

The global economy will benefit as a result of the events taking place during those events.

Games activities such as football matches, rugby, cricket and other sporting events will help build global brands and strengthen economies in their home countries.

And they will help the economy grow in other countries as well, such as South Africa, Brazil and India.3.

Games will provide a platform for trade and economic growthWhile the Games will likely be the largest sporting event in the world, there are many other economic benefits to be had from the Games.

Games activity has a direct and indirect impact on the economy, and many economic activities will take advantage of the international event and the increased opportunities for trade, investment and development.

These include the following:A.

Increased economic activity will occur in the host country during the Olympics4.

International sporting events and events that take place at home will contribute to the economies of the host countriesA.

International events and sports that take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be a vital part of an economy that is expanding and creating jobs and creating opportunities in their host countries5.

Increased trade will occur during the event6.

Increased investment in the economy7.

The economic benefits from the Olympic games will be significantA.

The events will give a boost to the economy by attracting global sports stars and fansA.

These events will provide economic benefits that will increase the size of the economies in the hosts countriesA big event that takes place at an international sporting venue will increase international trade and investment.

A global sporting event like the Rugby Union World Cup or the Commonwealth World Cup has a huge impact on global trade and will increase trade in many other countries around the globe.

This will also benefit the economies that host the events.7.

International sports are very popular and popular in other sportsA.

There are many sports that are popular in a lot other sports and they are very important in the economic growth of the countries that host these eventsA.

In order to compete at the Olympic level, you need a lot more money and the economic effects of the games are going to be significant7.

Games are a great way to promote international cooperation, business and cultureA.

Games have a positive impact on local communities and have a direct impact on their economy8.

International games are a very popular sportA.

This type of sport is a great opportunity for people to learn and grow as peopleA.

A lot of countries have been very active in the international game of footballA.

Many international sporting events are held in the country that hosts the eventA.

Athletes can gain international recognition by competing in these events9.

Games can also contribute to economic growth in the local economyThe Olympic Games can be an important way to support the local economies of host countries.

Many local communities are extremely reliant on tourism and other activities that the Games generate.

The event is also a great place to celebrate the achievements of the athletes that have won medals.

The athletes themselves are also very visible in local communities, making

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