What is the most delicious rice crispy treat you can make?

By Jessica Mirelle-Lambert — 2:54pm ET Thursday, March 10, 2019In the United States, you can get a lot of things for breakfast: oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, breads, and many more.

But there are some places that specialize in rice crispy desserts, like one of the best in the world, Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

A trip to Kangaroo is like a journey in itself.

It’s an island in the Pacific that’s home to thousands of people, and it’s famous for its rice crispy dessert.

A trip there is like an adventure for the locals.

The island is in a remote corner of the Northern Territory, and the first time you arrive is by boat from Darwin, in Australia’s second-biggest city.

The islanders, known as Kangaroos, live on the island, and they’re known for their amazing cooking skills.

They can’t speak English, so they have to work their way through traditional Japanese recipes.

One of the main ingredients is rice.

This means you can go to a restaurant in a traditional Japanese restaurant and have a bowl of rice crispy with some other ingredients.

You’re going to get some interesting results.

Kangaroo Island, on the far eastern side of Australia, has a population of about 40,000.

It is one of Australia’s biggest tourist destinations.

The rice crispy dish is one way of eating the island.

It has a nice sweet flavor, and rice is one part of the traditional Japanese meal.

It can also be served in bowls.

A visit to Kangaro Island means a trip to the mainland, which means a lot to Kangaros, who are a very traditional way of life.

The first time I saw the island was in 2016, when I was in Australia on a business trip.

I had to stop in at Kangaroo in Darwin, where the food was good, but the people were rude.

I’m sure there are people here that are just very nice people, but they’re not rude.

I had a bowl with rice and a bunch of other things.

I just went in there and got my bowl and went back.

The food here is so delicious.

It tastes like you’re back home, but I just wanted to get away from everything and get some fresh food.

The next time I went, I went for breakfast, and that’s when I realized that rice crispy was the way to go.

They had this amazing, sweet rice and I just thought, that’s it.

I’m really glad that I went.

I’ve always had a thing for the classic Kangaroo, and I wanted to bring it to the United Kingdom.

I was so happy when I saw this bowl and the people there were so welcoming, and everyone knew I was coming.

I was just so happy, I’m so happy.

I felt so welcomed.

I loved it, and you know, I’ve been eating rice crispy since I was 14.

And I’ve loved every bowl.

I’ve got a couple more.

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