Puerto Rico’s Puerto Rico covid outbreak linked to Barbie rican and Puerto Rico

2 hours ago Puerto Rico is the third most populated U.S. territory, after California and Texas, with an estimated 4.5 million people.

In the past few years, the number of confirmed cases has jumped dramatically.

This week, the Puerto Rico Public Health Department reported that more than 1,600 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed, nearly double the number last year.

But in the first two weeks of 2017, just eight people have died from the coronavet virus.

Here’s a look at the top cases, the status of the outbreak, and how it has affected the city: What is covid?

The coronaviruses coronaviral, or COVID-19, and influenza viruses cause severe joint inflammation of the skin.

The coronovirus is spread through respiratory droplets.

It can cause pneumonia and other complications, and its symptoms include fever, cough, muscle aches, and joint pain.

There is no cure, but coronavids can be treated with antibiotics.

The new coronaviret virus (COVID-17) is spreading fast in Puerto Rico, where there are about 1.8 million residents and an estimated 6.6 million people who live on the island.

More than half of Puerto Ricans live in rural areas, and the population is largely rural and low-income.

About 1,300 Puerto Ricos have died of COVID.

What are the most recent cases?

There have been 3,000 confirmed cases, according to a statement released by the state Department of Health on Thursday.

Of those, about 400 have been linked to the same woman in the Bronx who is believed to have traveled from Puerto Rico to New York City to infect others in the region.

She died on Friday, and her case has not yet been officially confirmed, but officials say it’s possible that it may have been related to the coronoviral outbreak.

Here are some other cases: A Bronx woman who recently returned to Puerto Rico has tested positive for COVID and is being monitored for possible respiratory illness, a department official told ABC News.

A woman from New Jersey who arrived in Puerto Rican territory in May was the only person who was confirmed with the coronvirus, according the state department.

A Puerto Rican woman who is from the Bronx and was visiting Puerto Rico in April was found to have been infected with COVID, according state health officials.

Officials believe the Bronx woman had recently been hospitalized and traveled to Puerto Rican country for treatment.

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