How to make rice pudding, rice paper recipe

Rice pudding is a favourite of mine, it’s simple, delicious and can be served in a variety of flavours.

However, there are some ingredients that can’t be included in this recipe. 

You need to have an immersion blender, a saucepan, rice cooker and a large bowl of water.

Step 1: Cook the rice into rice flour.

Step 2: Add the coconut oil to the pan, add the ginger, garlic and salt and cook for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Add in the water and mix for 3 more minutes. 

Step 4: Add the sugar, salt, black pepper and cumin and cook on medium for 2-3 minutes.

It will start to thicken a bit and the rice will start thickening.

Step 5: Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the rice.

The rice will keep cooking for about 3 minutes more.

Step 6: Drain off the excess water from the rice, then put in the bowl of rice and add the coconut cream. 

Now, if you are using coconut cream instead of rice flour, add a little more water, stir well and let the rice set up for a few minutes.

The rice pudding is delicious and easy to make, especially if you have a large pot and can cook in it.

If you can’t find a rice cooker, this is a great recipe to use as it’s easy to prepare and reheat.

The taste is very similar to the traditional rice pudding.

I also used rice paper to make this rice pudding for a wedding cake and it’s a great cake decoration, too. 

If you’re planning to serve rice pudding at a dinner party or event, make sure you have enough bowls and bowls of water for the rice to be ready in just minutes.

You can also add a splash of soy sauce or tamari powder to the rice pudding and add a few drops of chilli powder. 

The next time you’re making rice pudding try adding in the pineapple, carrots and onions and adding in a little lemon juice.

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