Puerto Rico women’s sex education: ‘It’s not a privilege’

The island’s sex ed curriculum includes a list of topics, including “sexual behavior, sexuality, and identity” and “pornography and pornography” in a section on “sexual practices”.

The sex education section includes no mention of birth control or abortion.

The curriculum also includes no reference to homosexuality or the LGBT community.

“It’s just one of the many issues that come up, particularly in Puerto Rico, where the majority of the population is Latino, and the majority are women,” said Cristina González, a former teacher who works in the community.

Gonzáles, who is now the president of the Puerto Rican National Association of Sex Education Teachers (Nasy), said the sex ed in Puerto Rican schools was not being taught in a way that was sensitive or inclusive.

“We don’t really have the opportunity to talk about sex.

We don’t talk about reproductive rights, we don’t discuss rape, we’re not taught to be sexually safe,” she said.

“For example, we do not talk about the sexual orientation of a person.

In fact, we only talk about sexual activity.”

The sex ed section was removed from the curriculum after Gonzálos’ group, Nasy, launched an online petition in October asking the school district to add it back in the curriculum.

The petition, which has garnered more than 1,400 signatures, argues that the sex education curriculum should include a “sexual practice guide” for parents.

The document, which was posted on the official Nasy website, says the guide should explain “how to discuss sexual activity in a safe and respectful way”.

But the sex curriculum has not been included in the district’s curriculum, which is still being developed.

Gonzàlez said the sexual education in Puerto Ricans schools had become an “invisible part of society”.

“We’re not doing it for them.

We’re doing it because we feel like we’re educating them, but we’re actually educating them for us,” she added.

“The more we teach this to them, the more we are educating ourselves.”

Gonzáls said the local government needed to do more to educate parents.

“They have to educate their children and teach them about this topic,” she told Al Jazeera.

It’s not something that should be handed to them. “

Sex education is not a right.

It’s not something that should be handed to them.

It should be given to us, and then they will have to make the decision for themselves.”

In December, the local council approved a plan to set up a sexual education workshop.

The workshop, which will be held in February, will include a teacher from the district who will teach about the “basic elements” of the topic and the “sexual experiences” of women.

But the teacher will not be able to talk to pupils about the subject, which the district hopes will help parents make informed decisions about their children’s sex.

The sexual education section of the curriculum has been removed from school curriculum in Puerto Rica after it was found to be “inappropriate”, a sex education provider told Al-Jazeera.

“These materials were removed from curricula because they contained sexual activities that are not in accordance with the laws of the country and they do not represent the teachings of the church,” the provider said.

The sex educator was asked to speak to Al Jazeera about the issue by an official in the local governing body in Puerto Roja, the country’s second largest city.

“As soon as the information was sent to me, I called the head of the education department,” he said.

He said that the materials were “removed from the school curriculum because they were deemed to be not in the curricula” and that they were also “not in accordance to the teaching and learning norms”.

“The materials are removed because of their content,” the official added.

Al Jazeera was unable to contact the school in question, but a representative for the education ministry confirmed that the school was “removing the materials” in order to “address the concerns of parents”.

Al Jazeera’s Nuria López, reporting from Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan, said that it was “very unusual” for sex education to be removed from a sex ed course in Puerto Río de la Plata.

“When you see that, you don’t see it as something that is being removed, but rather it’s being introduced and it’s taken out because it doesn’t fit the curriculum,” she noted.

And this is the case in Puerto Ruío, it’s the case everywhere in Puerto America,” she concluded. “

The sexual education of a child is a human right.

And this is the case in Puerto Ruío, it’s the case everywhere in Puerto America,” she concluded.

The lack of sex education in the schools has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months.

In April, an anti-p

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