When it comes to rice pilfers, you can’t beat the ‘frozen’ rice

RICO HANNAH MONTANA has created a stir in the world of frozen rice.

The former World Boxing Organisation welterweight champion has been baking up his own frozen rice since the mid-1990s and his new cookbook, which was released in February, is the first book on the subject to be published.

Ms Montana, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, is also a certified nutritionist and author of ‘Frozen Rice’ which is an in-depth look at the science behind frozen rice, and is based on her own experience in cooking with frozen rice when she was a professional boxer.

“I have been making frozen rice for about 20 years and have been using frozen rice in my cooking and I have been trying to make it for the last 20 years,” Ms Montanas husband and trainer, Steve Montana said.

“I have always been a fan of frozen foods, but this time, I think I was a little bit more adventurous and tried out the rice pilfing method.”

It’s really easy to do and there is no cooking involved, so you can go into the kitchen and just eat it.

“The recipe is based around the idea that you can use a variety of frozen food to make the rice, including chicken, chicken breasts, fish, fish cakes, potatoes, bread and bread pudding.

You can use any type of rice that has been frozen in the past, and it will cook in the oven if it is made in the microwave.”

If you use a whole wheat rice like I use, you’ll be able to use the whole grain rice.””

And then you can put it in the freezer overnight and it’ll keep in the refrigerator.”

If you use a whole wheat rice like I use, you’ll be able to use the whole grain rice.

“And you can also make the pilfered rice and then you just stir it with the coconut milk, add some shredded coconut and then it’ll be all ready.”

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