Which of these three presidential candidates has the most racist views?

The second presidential debate, moderated by Fox News host Chris Wallace, featured some of the most contentious issues between candidates, with a series of exchanges that were marred by profanity, racial slurs and a barrage of personal attacks.

Wallace’s most memorable moment of the night came when he brought up the Ku Klux Klan’s participation in the Civil Rights Movement.

The question was posed by Fox host Bill O’Reilly: Do you want to make history by becoming the first president to call out the KKK, or do you want the American people to make this history?

“You know what?

I don’t think it’s right to be using that term,” Trump responded.

“And I don�t want to say that it should be used.

I don.�t want the KKK to be in the White House. And I don��t want them to be here.” 

Wallace quickly interjected: “I don�ts think you should be using the term racist.

You know, you use that term a lot when you�re talking about people who are not like you.”

Trump responded: “If you look at a lot of the things that we�re saying, you know, the economy is going down.

You�re seeing a lot more crime.

We�re doing great things on health care.

You can see we are a lot better than many people would have thought we could be.

So you know I don?t think it�s a bad thing.”

Trump continued: “And you know when I say, `You are going to lose.’

Well, when I said, `I am going to win,’ I mean I don and I meant it.”

Wallace responded: Well, you can be sure that I don`t care what you think.

But I think what he was trying to say was: You know what I think?

You don�T think you�ve lost, do you? 

Wallack then moved on to discuss the question of whether Trump had any racist feelings. 

“And I know that he has been called a lot different things,” Wallace said.

“But I think you have to look at what he said.

And that is the first time I ever saw him make that comment about the KKK.

And you know what, I think it is the best that you can say about it.”

Watch the entire debate here:

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