How to get Puerto Rico’s dirty rice

With its pristine beaches, pristine beaches and pristine beaches on its own, Puerto Rico could have a pristine island.

But for the last two years, it’s been the poorest of the poor in the U.S. And while the U, Puerto Rican government and the island’s tourism industry have invested heavily in restoring the island, it hasn’t been without its share of troubles.

Here’s a look at some of the things that have caused problems.


Health problems Some residents on the island have struggled with chronic illnesses, including tuberculosis and malaria.

The U.N. refugee agency says about 2,000 people a day die in Puerto Rico from these ailments.

And last year, the U.-Puerto Rico health department warned of a “public health crisis” as the island grappled with rising temperatures and poor water quality.

In the U-Puritos health department report, it said it has detected more than 10,000 cases of Zika virus and more than 1,600 cases of dengue fever, which is a form of malaria.


The food supply is in crisis.

As the U., Puerto Rican, and Puerto Rico governments struggle to fix the islands health problems, there are reports of food shortages, particularly in areas like Puerto Rico State.

The Puerto Rican Health Department has warned of food and other shortages across the island.

In March, the Puerto Rico Assembly approved $20 million to fix Puerto Rico Food and Water Services, a major contractor that provides water, sewage and power to Puerto Rico.

The bill will be paid for with $5.5 million from the U Puerto Rico Housing Authority.

The House is expected to approve the bill this week, according to a statement from House Speaker José Javier Rodríguez Pérez, D-Pleasanton.

Puerto Rico Gov.

Ricardo Rosselló, D, said on April 3 that the island would need a federal grant of $100 million to address food shortages and other issues.

The state of Puerto Rico is also struggling to provide food to its people, who are often hungry.

The governor said that the state is now “in crisis.”

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Roselló, center, talks to media outside the Capitol in San Juan, Puerto Rica, April 4, 2018.


The water crisis.

Puerto Rican water has been under pressure for years, due to climate change and pollution, and the water quality has been deteriorating.

The EPA says the number of days with “severe” or “extremely” high levels of contaminants, including arsenic, lead and mercury, has doubled over the last five years.

That’s been compounded by the destruction of the island during Hurricane Maria.

The federal government has set aside $2.4 billion for repairs to the island over the next two years.

The money comes from the Puerto Rican Congress.

The island also is suffering from the loss of more than 100,000 residents, many of whom are Puerto Ricans, who were forced from their homes as the storm ravaged the island and led to widespread damage.


The economy Puerto Rico has been in recession since the onset of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

But in the months following Maria, the economy grew faster than the national average.

The unemployment rate has fallen from 13.3 percent to 4.5 percent.

Puerto Ricos unemployment rate was 4.9 percent in January, according the Puerto Ricós Ministry of Labour.


The Zika outbreak Puerto Rico was the first U.K. territory to report an increase in the Zika virus, which the U.’s National Institute for Health says is linked to the local mosquito breeding network.

But there’s been no confirmed cases of the virus in the United States.

The outbreak is still in its early stages and Puerto Ricolas health department is warning that the virus can be spread through sexual contact and contact with infected mosquitoes.


A ‘new era’ of change.

The political system has been rocked by the election of President-elect Eduardo Diaz-Balart in October 2017.

Diaz- Balart, who had previously served as a member of the governing Social Democratic Party, was re-elected as the country’s first female president, making him the first Puerto Rican president to win an election.

The government has also been criticized for its handling of the aftermath of the hurricane, which forced more than 7,500 people from their home.

The Social Democratic party says its leader has been suspended.

Puerto Rico state governor and U.P. senator Alejandro Padilla, left, and U-puerto Rican president Eduardo Rossello, center right, arrive to speak to media after the signing of an agreement at the United Nations in New York, U.s., April 4.


The economic crisis.

There has been no major economic recovery on the U .

S. mainland, where Puerto Ricas unemployment rate is around 11 percent.

In recent months, Puerto

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