How to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico is facing its first major hurricane since Maria, and the island is scrambling to rebuild.

Here’s what you need to know about how the island will rebuild.


How is Puerto Rico preparing for the hurricane?

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló said that there are several areas of the island that are still under mandatory evacuation orders.

He said they’re also expecting more hurricanes this winter, but he didn’t provide any further details.

The governor said that the governor has ordered that Puerto Rico should receive a hurricane preparedness grant, which will help the island rebuild from the storm.

There’s no word on how much that money will cost Puerto Rico.


Is there a way to help out Puerto Rico?

There are a few options for Puerto Ricans who want to help the storm victims and those displaced by Maria.

Rossello announced on Wednesday that the federal government is also extending its $1.5 billion disaster assistance program to the island.

The money will help people pay their electric bills, get water and other supplies, and help pay for food, clothing, medical care and other necessities.

The hurricane has displaced about 4.4 million people, according to the Puerto Rico governor’s office.


How are people in Puerto Rico helping?

The governor’s relief efforts are focused on the hardest hit areas, but there are many other areas in the country.

Rosseló said on Wednesday morning that more than 40 percent of the U.S. territory’s population is living below the poverty line.

He also said that Puerto Ricos living on the island are helping out by taking care of each other.

Rosseyo also announced that Puerto Rican citizens living in the U, U.K. and the U .

A.E. will be eligible for disaster assistance in the next two weeks.

In the U: Puerto Ricolans can now get help for their utility bills.

They will get a bill for every kilowatt hour they spend on the grid.

The federal government will pay the rest.

Residents will also be able to receive help for gas, heating, water and sewage bills, according.

The U.N. has also announced a $20 million fund for Puerto Rico, which was created as a response to the hurricane.


What will the island get from the federal disaster aid?

The federal disaster relief package for Puerto Rican government employees, who include state workers, and those with business licenses is estimated to cost $60 million.

The Puerto Rico government has set aside $20 billion in emergency aid for hurricane relief, according the governor’s announcement.

This money will also help cover Puerto Rico’s debt and pay down its $60 billion debt.

Rosso says that FEMA is working with the state to help cover some of the debt.

The $20bn is only for the first half of the hurricane, but Rossellovas office says that Puerto Roigos $20 trillion in debt is “a long-term commitment.”


What are Puerto Ricas main concerns with Maria?

The island has been facing severe flooding and power outages as Maria approaches.

Roselló says that some areas are still without power, while others are still trying to get their power back on.

Rosseow says that many Puerto Ricoms are also worried about the possibility of the storm moving inland and causing landslides and flooding in other areas.

He says that more people have died in Puerto Ricolas cities as a result of Maria.

According to Rossellos office, the death toll in Puerto Rican cities has reached at least 7.4,000, while in the cities of San Juan and San Antonio, it reached at 1,700 and 1,200, respectively.


How much will it cost to rebuild Puerto Rico if Maria passes?

Puerto Ricoa has requested $7.5 trillion from the U for its disaster relief.

The amount is not expected to be available until after the hurricane passes.

The island was hit hard by Maria, with a peak of at least 1,400 deaths.

Puerto Rico has also asked for $5.2 trillion from FEMA for the recovery effort, but this amount will not be paid until after Maria passes.

It will be paid as soon as Puerto Ricoanan companies receive relief payments.

The government has already received $3.4 billion in federal disaster funds.

The total federal relief bill for Puerto Rica is expected to amount to about $8 billion.


How long is the island expected to take?

The hurricane hit the island on October 16, destroying most of the power and communication systems and flooding most of Puerto Rico with heavy rain.

Maria will make landfall in Puerto Rica on September 25.

The National Hurricane Center has said that Maria is likely to cause at least $100 billion in damage and more than 2.3 million deaths.


How did Puerto Rico get hit by Hurricane Maria?

Maria is one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded.

Maria was the third hurricane to make landfall on the Caribbean island since Maria made landfall in

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